Parse, Alarm, Gauge. The must-have tool.

LogRep is a log parser for Final Fantasy XIV. You can compare your parse result with players in all servers (anonymous) on the web. LogRep also has an alarm function which reacts to specific log. You can also easily set an alarm to ring after specific duration.



  • 制限時間がおかしかったり、プレイヤー人数がダンジョンの制限にあてはまらないデータは集計できないように
    I tried not to be aggregated data that does not fit with the limits for a dungeon.
    • 今回の変更に伴い、集計サイトを一旦リセットします
      As a result of this change, reset once the aggregation site.

  • 一部DoTスキルについてダメージが計測されない問題に対処
    Bug Fix : Damage has not been measured in some DoT skill.



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